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Mandatory HSE-training for employers, 1 day

Mandatory HSE-training for employers, 1 dayAfter attending this course, you will have a certificate necessary to meet the demands stated by Norwegian Law (§3-5 WEA), and you have gained an insight in Norwegian HSE organization and culture.

Course by Arbeidsmiljøsenteret.

Pris: 5 900,-
Medlemspris: 5 300,-
Kurs med første kursdag i 2020
Managers are responsible for ensuring that the company they manage at all times fulfills requirements from Norwegian government and local authorities. Also, The HSE management system is monitored regularly by an internally organized HSE organization with elected HSE representatives. In Norway, these local HSE committees with employee representatives are a mandatory requirement under Norwegian law. You will learn to manage, organize and meet the HSE requirements you as a manager in Norway are responsible to fulfill.

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